Dried Strawberries with Honey 1 LB

Dried Strawberries with Honey 1 LB

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Dried Strawberries with Honey

Dried Strawberries with Honey is a natural product containing a mixture of dried strawberries and honey which provides a sweet treat devoid of any artificial additives or sugar. Strawberries provides an excellent source of vitamin C and provide a good boost for the immune system. Other benefits of this product include:

1. Due to the antioxidant function of vitamin C.

  • It reduces Inflammation;
  • It helps in fighting cancer;
  • It promotes eye health;
  • It helps to keep wrinkles away.

2. It serves as a good source of Fiber.

3. It contains Ellagic acid and flavonoids— or phytochemicals that provide an antioxidant effect that protects the heart health in different ways.