Dried Turmeric with Honey 1 LB

Dried Turmeric with Honey 1 LB

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Dried Turmeric with Honey

Dried Turmeric is a very beneficial spice, and when mixed with honey it makes it more palatable in taste and readily available. It can be added to tea and taken as a beverage. Turmeric is a type of perennial crop which is part of the ginger family. It’s most notable ingredient is “Curcumin” which is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound making it highly medicinal as it protects against free radicals and inflammation thereby reducing aging and improving health. This mixture is perfect and should be a regular component of breakfast or lunch tea. Other health benefits include:

  • It helps to reduce weight;
  • It has  antioxidant activity;
  • It detoxifies the Body;
  • It boosts memory;
  • It improves circulation.