About Us

About Us

Welcome to Amish Honey!

Amish Honey was born from our love of honey, pure, unadulterated honey. We are a New York based company dedicated to producing the highest quality and putting an end to our customers search for pure honey.

Here comes the good news! Varieties! We provide based on the flower denomination. The flavor of honey is determined by the nectar of the blossom or flower that the honey bee visited, we do not add anything to impart the uniqueness of the flavor. Varieties we provide include the Acacia honey, Almond blossom honey, Alfalfa honey, Blueberry honey, Buckwheat honey, Clover honey, Japanese bamboo honey, Knapweed honey, Linden honey, Mountain honey, Meadow honey, Sage Honey, chunks of Honeycomb and other bee products as well. Our varieties of honey also differ on consistence, color, taste, and aroma; these distinctions depend not only on flowers where the bees collect nectar, but also on a climate, season and race of the bee.

We offer you the best of honey and a wide range of high quality bee products to meet your need at very affordable prices. Our honey and bee products are preserved in their raw forms as close to nature as possible no heating, no additives, no processing all raw. Our raw honey is sourced from California, Pennsylvania. We also distribute our selected imported honey collection sourced from overseas such as Russia well known for their Bashkirian buckwheat honey and New Zealand, which is well known for its high grade antibacterial Manuka honey, and honey skin care products.

We specialize in distribution to the leading health food chains, grocery markets, pharmacies, and other retail and wholesale channels. In fact, anyone who demands high quality products and professional service.  Meet us for that pure honey straight from Mother Nature!


Hope to hear from you soon.

Amish Honey.