Our honey is processed as it was hundreds of years ago. Meaning, minimally invasive.

No heating, No micro filtration, No color adjustments.

Large companies have a color scale!

They get to pour hundreds of barrels in to one silo and get it to a color that people are used to and only then pour it in to the jars.

Our company does small batches that include only 5 or 10 hives usually gathered from one site. No two sites are the same! Clover may bloom with some types of other flowers on one site! And totally different flowers on the other!

In other words Clover and wild flowers will give you darker honey then Clover and Acacia ( Black locust)

Honey is a live bacteria! Unpasteurized, unheated honey will crystallize with time!

It may be from 1 week to few months but it will!

It could liquified by placing a jar in to a warm water.

Our honey is harvested Upstate NY. Finger lakes region.

Yes it is unheated raw honey that is.

Packed in to the jars straight from honey extractors.

It's honey that was not heated over 110°

Or pasteurized. As well as micro filtered.

Raw honey is unfiltered and unheated.

Therefore all pollens minerals and enzymes.

Are still in there. Raw honey has more benefits.