About us

It all started when I was a little kid! I had an extreme interest for bees and honey! I would make my parents by me all the honey from all around we ever went. With time, it came to the point where just by tasting the honey I could have tell the flower source of that honey a place of origin, approximate moisture level and how good of a quality it was. All of my neighbors after purchasing the winter stash of honey would always make me try it for a quality control! Some retailers on the market did not like me much!!! Years later here I am traveling all around local beekeepers mostly Amish trying their honey and buying their crop if it’s GREATE! Packing it the old fashioned ways with gravity pour straight in to the jar. There is absolutely no filtering or heating going on in our processing, packing facility I try to keep the honey as raw and as close to its original state as possible! So buying our honey in my personal and our returning customers opinion is a healthy and tasty choice!Sweet Day! Sam M.