About Us

Amish Honey was born from our love of honey, pure, unadulterated honey. We are a New York based company dedicated to producing the highest quality and putting an end to our customers search for pure honey.



Useful Properties of Honey

  • regulates metabolic processes
  • increases immunity
  • honey improves blood composition
  • helps to cope with insomnia
  • gives energy to the body, restores strength

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How We Produce Our Honey

Making honey is a complex and unique process and is produced in several stages

The flavor of honey is determined by the nectar of the blossom or flower that the honey bee visited, we do not add anything to impart the uniqueness of the flavor. Varieties we provide include the Acacia honey, Almond blossom honey, Alfalfa honey, Blueberry honey, Buckwheat honey, Clover honey, Japanese bamboo honey, Knapweed honey, Linden honey, Mountain honey, Meadow honey, Sage Honey, chunks of Honeycomb and other bee products as well.


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