Bee Propolis Chunk Raw (40 gr.)

Bee Propolis Chunk Raw (40 gr.)

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Raw Bee Propolis 100% Natural

Bees coat the interior of the hive with propolis to maintain a sterile environment free from mold, mildew and bacteria and also to cover all wholes. Naturally containing flavonoids, propolis is intended to help provide nutritive support for a healthy immune system.

People have found how useful propolis can be for medicinal purposes. It is beneficial to the immune system, for one thing. A person ingesting this will be less at risk for: colds viruses sore throats This is especially true in the winter months. Propolis in history has treated all sorts of ailments including fever and inflammation. It has many of these same uses today. It has antibiotic qualities without any of the nasty side effects that the prescription antibiotics have. This substance is effective on those bacteria that are resistant to prescription antibiotics. Bee glue can treat colds sores, genital herpes and wound cleansing. It makes an effective mouthwash for stimulating healing after oral surgery. Propolis is also an effective remedy for minor burns. Skincare products can have this substance in them today. We refuse to process our product to an always s same commercial year around look! Therefore! Due to a nature of our HONEY handling and a fact that our product is totally raw, the color as well as the texture of honey may vary.