Gallberry Honey Raw 2 Lb

Gallberry Honey Raw 2 Lb

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Gallberry honey is produced from a small evergreen holly shrub also known as Inkberry. The resulting honey is rich, full-bodied and has an elegant taste. It is darker than many other honeys although light amber in color, stronger flavored with a mild tang. Our raw gallberry honey does not contain additives or flavors, is 100% pure and made in USA. We let it drip right into the bottle from the hive, unheated, and unfiltered; retaining all its natural creamy goodness. Naturally high in pollen, enzymes and low in glucose as opposed to fructose; hence slow to crystallize, it is used by many athletes as a recovery food. Can be used for baking, in coffee as a sweetener, used as a glaze on vegetables such as carrots and asparagus. It’s sure to be a new favorite in your pantry.