Mountain Honey Raw

Mountain Honey Raw

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It is a honey made from the nectar of flowers from high mountain meadows typical to the region, including secretions of oaks, chestnut, brambles and other blossoms etc. These honeys are all produced at altitudes of over 500m above sea level. Raw mountain honey varies in color and flavor depending on the season but tend to have a slightly thicker consistency due to low moisture content. It has a beautiful dark amber color which shows warm golden in light. Raw Mountain Honey has a lovely, sweet and mild caramel foretaste, which opens into a tropical floral aroma and finishes with an aftertaste reminiscent of tea tannin. Our honey is raw and 100% pure thus retaining its richness in iron, enzymes, mineral salts, antioxidants and believed to have a powerful effect on the immune system, digestion and overall good wellbeing. It is recommended in cases of chronic fatigue, when in convalescence or overstraining. Excellent drizzled over warm spiced fruit pies and with cream!