Linden Honey Raw

Linden Honey Raw

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Used for thousands of years, this premiere honey is obtained from the blossoms of linden or basswood tress belonging to several species of Tilia. Regardless of the species of Tilia, the honeys sensory characteristics don’t differ. It is of a greenish color when fresh, but in time, its color becomes clear to amber with a yellow tone. The aroma is of medium sweetness and usually described as woody, fresh, mint. It has a persistent aftertaste and is slightly astringent. Linden honey has a wide range of applications, known for its sedative and antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties; it is used as a diaphoretic in treating cold and fever, to treat anxiety, insomnia, sore throat, cough, and rhinitis. It is also applied externally to help heal festering sores on the skin, eczema, and burns.