• 5 star review  Hi, I am an addict to raw honey. I have tried so many raw honeys all over the country but Amishhoney is just the BEST!! I am sure you know that already, so I’m just confirming a fact. Thanks for making it. And also thank your bees for me.

    thumb Bethanie Pierce

    0 star review  I never liked honey before, to be honest with you. I always found it too sweet and so on, until I tried cranberries in honey which my friend was eating. And man, I never looked back since. I add honey to everything now, and Amishhoney is the only place where I buy it. Thanks, guys and keep making us all happy 🙂

    thumb Justin Mainzer

    5 star review  I add their honey to everything from tea to oatmeal. I’ve had a few different products from Amish Honey and while my favorite so far is the Siberian buckwheat honey, I love all of them. Never been disappointed. They sell outstanding, pure honey.

    thumb Joel Thornton
  • 0 star review  Wow! I’m still short for words because lots of stores claim they sell unadulterated honey but it is the same old story. Don’t judge this shop like others. They are true to their words. I wouldn’t look any other way than Amishhoney. I enjoin you to do the same.

    thumb Camilo Virviescas

    5 star review  Amish Honey is natural and the taste is just perfect! I appreciated the quality value I got for my money by merely buying from them. If good and high-quality natural honey is what you desire, Amish Honey offers the best, and I recommend them. Thanks, guys, keep up the quality production.

    thumb Katrin Smith

    0 star review  This is the only honey brand I want to ever buy. I make crunchy granola with spring raw honey and cinnamon and this honey is perfect it doesn't seem to burn as quick and has a nice flavor even after it's heated and cooked. And I love putting almond blossom honey on my peanut butter banana toast.

    thumb Amanda Mintzer
  • 5 star review  I was looking for a healthy alternative to sugar for use in coffee, tea and home baking, and researched the best honey to purchase. AND, THIS IS IT! First time I bought Buckwheat Amish Honey last year. This is the best honey I've ever had. Later I ordered Acacia and Manuka honey. Really raw and quality honey. It is worth every spent cent!

    thumb Karine Williams

    0 star review  Since early childhood, my mom gave me tea with the honey when I caught a cold. Now I am a mom and I do care about the products I give to my children. I usually buy honey complex "Bee Complex" for my family and give it with the cereal for the breakfast to my children. The quality is really good, the taste and the flavor are just amazing. I would try more products and recommend them to all my friends.

    thumb Cody Gill

    0 star review  I bought a jar of Pinenuts with honey from Amish honey, and I am pleased to say I have value for my money spent. The taste and the flavor of this blend of nuts and honey were excellent.

    thumb Carolina Galbraith
  • 0 star review  The variety of kinds the Amishhoney has to offer is just fascinating! I enjoy the local honey with dried blueberries, as well as the kind with cranberries – yumm! Such a unique and flavourous taste for the best price possible – the Amishhoney is my number one choice out of all, for all these reasons indeed!

    thumb Nicole Stomakhin

    5 star review  Honey is one of the favorite sweets of my wife and I’ve decided to make a surprise for her birthday and get her a lot (A LOT) of honey, like some altay honey, manuka and so on. After going through thousands (it seems more like millions for me really) of messages with feedback, I’ve chosen Amishhoney and they didn’t let me down. Amy was very happy with it, so thank you!

    thumb Anthony Harrell

    0 star review  Amazing products. I always buy honey here. My last choice is the honey from Altay buckwheat. So it's imported stuff I am confident about the quality of the product I buy. I can buy it for my children without any concerns or fears.

    thumb Tisha Clayton
  • 0 star review  My testimony after purchasing Amish honey is that they offer high-quality, natural and unadulterated honey. The packaging is also excellent and devoid of contamination. I got a jar of honey with strawberry, and I love the superb taste. I recommend to everyone.

    thumb Thomas Haney

    0 star review  After wasting my money on several fake kinds of honey out there in the market, thanks to my friend who recommended Amish Honey, I am finally able to get quality Hazelnuts with honey for consumption. I enjoy the taste and the aroma!

    thumb Johnston Howard

    0 star review  Amishhoney has been my honey shop for quite a while now and not once have I been disappointed. I just made another purchase – a bottle of Almond blossom honey and it is just as unique as the first bottle I got from them. They are the real deal. You can’t beat it!

    thumb Brendan Murphy
  • 0 star review  If you want excellent local fresh honey you need to visit Amish Honey website They sell a variety of sizes and honeys from not just local but worldwide. I just ordered a mountain raw honey, and it is fresh, and very sweet and so good! I'm thankful to Amish honey for the best quality of honey they sell

    thumb Breanna Dennis

    0 star review  I got my first jar of Amish honey’s honey with strawberry last month and being a consumer of honey for over 40years I am pleased with the quality. The taste is natural and the aroma is satisfying.

    thumb Joseph Checkler

    0 star review  I add honey to virtually everything I eat because honey is highly medicinal. Amish honey provided me an endless supply of blends of honey; I love the clear honey in my tea, the honey with nuts on my bread and honey with strawberry with my cereal.

    thumb Tim Melton
  • 5 star review  Amish Honey offers fantastic clover honey that’s just like I grew up with. You can immediately taste how pure it is and the flavor is fantastic. There’s absolutely no comparison, it’s leagues better than the overly processed gunk sold by other brands. I highly recommend it.

    thumb Paul May

    0 star review  Purchased a jar of Dried Turmeric with Honey from Amish honey and am grateful that my kids and I now enjoy the many health benefits of this combination. My children avoided the turmeric but mixed with honey they love to eat it daily. Thanks for keeping my children healthy!!!

    thumb Kimberly McDonald

    0 star review  The honey was delivered in good condition and arrived pretty fast... The Honey has a mild fragrance and creamy texture..... This purchase is the 2nd time I ordered this product and will continue to do so! Good for a cold and sore throat, I recommend Amish Honey products to all!!!

    thumb Tom Narchotrigiano
  • 0 star review  I have had some health challenges for a while. A friend recommended honey because of its health benefits but I'm scared of getting adulterated honey that would make things worse even. Then I heard of a product from Amish Honey - Almond with Honey. Thank goodness! It has been a lifesaver.

    thumb Ronald Parker

    0 star review  I can’t really imagine life without honey. It’s my biggest weakness and something I just don’t think I could live without. And after trying out hundreds of honey types, I’ve decided that I’ll stick with Amishhoney as they provide the highest quality with affordable prices and never disappoint me. Keep up the good job!

    thumb Dale Wilson



I love your honey, thank you so much. I will recommend to all my family and friends


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